Sunday, November 4, 2007


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I like this picture. It reminds me of the "M.E.T.H.O.D Man" video... or any other grimey early 90's video shot in a condemned building.

So far we had one day off this whole tour and it was early on between the Vermont show and the Michigan show. We used that day to drive 13 hours to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We did stop somewhere outside of Buffalo where it became apparent that mediocrity is a standard kept all over the country when the waitress told us, " Whaddya think it's my first day? Hear that bell? That's the microwave with your food." Great. The next day we decided to check out what the fine city of Ann Arbor had to offer. I asked some college looking kid in an outdoorsy type spot if he knew a good place to eat. He sent us to some brewery with jock looking douchebags in it. On the way to the brewery I was smacking stickers up... this guy your about to see in the video saw me and started to approach me... I had know idea what we were in for.

During our conversation with "Mike" he said fuck the brewery and told us we had to go check out The Fleetwood. The Fleetwood is a greasy spoon kind of like what CBGB's would've been like if they were a restaurant instead of a venue. The walls were covered in stickers. The patrons were a mix of squatter punks, blue collar workers, college kids and transient types. I loved it.

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I went there 4 times in the two days we were in Ann Arbor. I talked to one of the waitresses and showed her the clip of "Mike" telling her that her restaurant came highly recommended from him. She said "That's funny he's banned from here for life." Also, she asked us if he tried to sing us a song in exchange for a cigarette. Anyway the spot was dope. I recommend the omellete.

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A quick breakfast tour. I know the chili fries look a little gross (really gross), but they tasted good.

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Bizarre from D12 was at the show with a pretty scary looking entourage. I was standing on the steps backstage checking out Devin's set, looked up and saw Bizarre. I couple minutes later a had to piss real bad but the crowd was too deep to walk through, so after much hesitance I passed through his entourage, in my head I thanked them for not stomping me out. Pretty cool that the first time in Michigan, Bizarre was there.


Anonymous said...

First time in my home stead!!! nice to see you guys enjoyed yourselves. I opened up for Bizarre last December back home.....yeah, his entourage is way scary. shit, I even tried to offer the cats the blunt I was smokin'......muffucca looked at my weed....."oh, nah, we don't fuck with anything less than hydro" fuckin' dick......oh well, dope show though...hope to stay in touch ya'

Jah C said...

HILLARIOUS! You dudes are living it up man. I'm hella proud of you, it has me @ Home Working extra hard man. Can't wait to see yall cats, ENJOY THE TOUR! That old dude was nuts man, tony, you write well. PEACE

Anonymous said...

Glad to see y'all making friends all over. I wouldn't want to be in that van with you after that chili fry stop though!

That clip with the old man looked like some Borat shit my dudes!

Hold it down, see you when you get back...