Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Now, That Would Be ILLER"

Episode Six

Cavalier from The Dugout tells a story illustrating the dangers of binge drinking on today's college campuses.

Cav's highly anticipated, much-talked-about debut collection of songs, "The Breaking" is finally finished and promo copies are making the rounds among those lucky enough to know the man or know a somebody who knows the man. To find out more, go to his Myspace


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yeah. Another month goes by. I'm sure there are better bloggers. We might actually suck as bloggers. It's a good thing that we're rappers and not bloggers. Blogging is secondary.

Texas was a ball last year. Much love to Mikey Palms for letting us chill up in his expensive-ass suite, which was compliments of Red Bull, not to mention for just being the man. Kind of like a Cus D'Amato to Nuk Fam... Shouts to Dujeous, Calm Pete , Ese, Lo and Bisc... I'd kill for some of that Texas BBQ...

We had this footage sitting around for almost a year. Nuk Fam is famous for our games of 'Pass the Buck' where the buck just sits on the floor for a while. It's like a game of 'Hot Potato' where nobody plays. After some arm twisting I got Snafu to sit with me and edit this down to little, compact episodes. Enjoy.