Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Stores Today!!!

It's self-titled, which means it's called "ILLER THAN THEIRS"

Available at all fine stores and Mega-stores.
Online at Amazon.com, Undergroundhiphop.com and so on

and digitally at places like ITunes.


Tour Dates

29 Sep 2007 ------Mercury Lounge - ILLER THAN THEIRS ALBUM RELEASE New York City

w/Del the Funky Homosapian, Devin The Dude, and Junk Science
20 Oct 2007 ------The Middle East - Boston, Massachusetts
21 Oct 2007 ------Higher Ground - Burlington, Vermont
23 Oct 2007 ------Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, Michigan
24 Oct 2007 ------Skully’s - Columbus, Ohio
25 Oct 2007 ------The Dame - Lexington, Kentucky
26 Oct 2007 ------Bluebird Theatre - Bloomington, Indiana
27 Oct 2007 ------Metro - Chicago, Illinois (Also Performing: LYRICS BORN!!!!)
28 Oct 2007 ------High Noon Saloon - Madison, Wisconsin
29 Oct 2007 ------Pizza Luce - Duluth, Minnesota
30 Oct 2007 ------First Avenue - Minneapolis, Minnesota
31 Oct 2007 ------Slowdown - Omaha, Nebraska
1 Nov 2007 ------Cervantis - Denver, Colorado
2 Nov 2007 ------Aggie Theatre - Fort Collins, Colorado
3 Nov 2007 ------Belly Up Tavern - Aspen, Colorado
4 Nov 2007 ------Fox Theatre - Boulder, Colorado
5 Nov 2007 ------Suede - Park City, Utah

Junk science / ILLER THAN THEIRS
8 Nov 2007 -------The Blunt Club - Phoenix, Arizona
9 Nov 2007 -------The Airliner - Los Angeles, California
15 Nov 2007 ------111 Minna - San Francisco, California

More dates to follow. Stay tuned to our myspace page for additional dates up the west coast.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Now, That Would Be ILLER"

Episode Four

Melvin Danger a.k.a Mr. Balkaliko from Dudes With Dogs dot Com tells us about his vaudevillian-slapstick day at work.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Razor Bumps


Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Now, That Would Be ILLER"

Episode Three

Jade Sanchez-Ventura of HOJAC (Hot Jamz organizing and advisory committee) tells how you can be both a biter and a writer.

Hot Jamz Three: This Friday @ Southpaw

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Day We Inked Our Big Recording Contract

Photos by Vito Fun

They were very nice to us. They explained everything really well. They even had graphs and wrote stuff on big notebooks they had set up on stands.
They had a really nice office with big windows and a plant.

They let us see the money, which they kept in a giant walk-in safe next to the men's room. The money kind of smelled like elementary school.

They were like "Come on guys, hold the money. Pick it up. See how it feels in your hands."

The money was real heavy. But I feel like it's just much classier if they pay you in actual gold.

They had the contract already drawn up.

We discussed some of the major points. Tone asked some important-type questions.

We looked very hard at all the words. I personally looked at every single one of them. I started to get a headache. I had to be excused for a minute so I could splash some cold water on my face. But when I came back I felt better and Tone explained to me what some of the best parts of the contact were.

None of them seemed to have a pen. Which was a kind of strange, I thought. Luckily Tone had a marker on him and we got down to business.

Now we're so happy to be signed to Embedded. We love our money and our new found fame and props. And all the girls like us now.

Thank you.