Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"One of underground hip-hop’s most popular video blogs" - The Boston Herald

According to The Boston Herald this is one of underground's hip hop's most popular video blogs. Which it is, because it was printed In a newspaper which makes it true.

Plus: by putting the words "one of" in front of a statement like that, one can make almost any plain event seem more snazzy while still being technically factual.

For instance: I am one of the most handsome men in underground hip hop. Not the most handsome....but one of them.

I wanna see some of underground hip hop's less popular video blogs. Where they at?

You can read the whole Boston Herald article here

also Okayplayer gave us a glowing review the other day which you can read here

I love you all


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Silvia said...

I love your dance. Tony laughing in the background just takes the cake.