Monday, October 29, 2007

Tour so far!

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I like this picture. It's like something out of a Wes Anderson movie. Snaf took it of me as we crossed lake Champlain going from Burlington, Vermont to Ann-FUCK-Arbor, Michigan. I asked around Burlington, but nobody seemed to know where the Burlington Coat Factory was.

October 20th, Day 1, The Middle East, Boston

This was our first night of the tour. We opened for about 100-150 people like any other night. I may have caught a contact high (compliments of the Coughee Brothas, Del and Devin) going into the green room to get water before we went on. It didn't really hit me that we were on tour until Devin's set. It takes a certain type of woman to be a big Devin fan. They were all there.

One thing about being a new group on tour that most people don't understand is the amount of time that you spend hustling at the merch table. At least you better be if you plan on there being another tour. So I try to talk to everyone who walks past the table... cause we are, after all tryna get the music out to the kids.
I pass this one girl a sticker in order to get her to come by the table, hoping to maybe charm her into buying a CD and she asks me for a marker which annoyed me a little bit because sometimes drunk people ask you sign weird shit that they'll lose by the end of the night and I really have no time or tolerance for drunken stupidity.(This next part is the part that will get me in trouble with my beautiful girlfriend whom I love very much.) The gal then squeezed her boobs together and asked me to sign them. I haven't been asked for any autographs really ever, especially never asked to sign any titties before, but who am I to say no, a fans a fan and we are after all trying to get the people interested in what we are doing so I gave them my signature "Tone Tank" handstyle with the fattest black marker within reach. I did it for the better good of things.

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Snaf said that it's all downhill from here, but within seconds her friend came back to get her boobs signed. Well, of course I had to because obviously it's part of the job and I am on the road to work, not to play.

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A lil while later some other college type girls came up and asked for stickers, immediately sticking them to their boobs and backsides... but at this point that stuff is smalltime.

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I had never heard of a deadbeat mom until now.

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This picture was taken inside a public restroom somewhere in Ohio. There's something really creepy about public restrooms you find when you're on the road. You'll see things written like "tap toes for a blow job" and things of that nature. I guess in a way they have to hide in the shadows of automatic hand dryers and wet floor signs. Apparently men with narrow penises feel the same shame. Who's going to go into a store and purchase "ultra narrow" condoms when "magnums" are two packages down. So they too are bound to finding what they need out of life in a truckstop restroom.

I've been having an amazing time.... Everyone is chill as hell. I'm lucky to be here.

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ole' said...

i feel like you need to have someone there doing some like the beaver being like "Oh tone tank" and then laughing in that really forced 1960's way where everyone laughs with their hands on their hips and looks at the ceiling.....cheers hope the tour goes well