Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Now, That Would Be ILLER"

Episode Six

Cavalier from The Dugout tells a story illustrating the dangers of binge drinking on today's college campuses.

Cav's highly anticipated, much-talked-about debut collection of songs, "The Breaking" is finally finished and promo copies are making the rounds among those lucky enough to know the man or know a somebody who knows the man. To find out more, go to his Myspace


White Nutz said...

Yo that would be iller, but we were running through demerol like bidis back then. Cav isn't really painting the picture. I mean the way I remember it, it looked like gary coleman with a blow out bitch slapping the old ricky lake while this skinny white bitch tried to convince us not to call the ambulance until Cav ordered her into the bathroom. Admittedly my perspective was slightly twisted at the time. Anyway we did save that bitch's life...which made us golden to jake for the rest of the year...it was only the 12th time they were there that year.

whitenutz is hyped there is a blog dedicated to being iller in this world. Props to you gentlemen.


Noetik said...

Ill story there...word up!