Monday, August 13, 2007

Tone's 1st post...

What's up all... This right here is my first blog posting... About a year ago I moved into an apartment with my man Melvin Danger (aka Mr. Balkaliko) from and we had a party. He got drunker than anyone there and blasted Slayer "Raining Blood" on our outdoor stereo system disturbing our Hasidic Jew neighbors at 3 in the morning. Then he passed out around me, Scott Thorough, my man Amoz aka "The Hawaiian Thunder" and Mel's cousin Big Tamer. Amoz wanted to draw on them, I said, "Nah, that's messed up, we're to old for that...let's use paper cutouts". I've had these videos forever with nowhere to put them... until now:

Please note the Nutcracker cheeks, Hitler stache and armband, as well as the Scumlife shirt. Sorry it's such shitty footage with no sound but I think some of ya'll might appreciate this anyway. Also checkout my man Melvin Danger @

Now Part 2 seems like the same shit but you gotta stay put for the 'grand finale', I wish this video had sound. Also the shaking you see is me laughing while cockslapping him with a paper cock. Umm, no homo.

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